Elektra Slot Machine: Free game and review


Description and idea of the game

The Elektra slot offers 5 reels on which you can form your best winning combinations by following the paytable for the best earnings. There are 20 paylines available, and You can use Wild and Scatter symbols to get to the jackpot of 25,000 euros. Winning will never have been as simple as with Elektra, a lethal woman who knows martial arts and who will make you live incredible adventures in every situation you find yourself in. If you love this kind of entertainment the Elektra slot will never disappoint you. Martial moves and big payouts for the luckiest players. In reality, however, we are talking about a much-loved comic book character and Mavel rarely makes a mistake when creating a character and the Elektra slot is destined for success in the near future.


The beautiful Elektra is obviously beautiful and mortally dangerous for her enemies and Cryptologic has managed to bring back the features of the Marvel character within the online slot. The is easy to learn and will give you many hours to pass in joy. There are many games involving Marvel characters, but hopefully Elektra is one of the best not to say the best in terms of graphics. Inside the slot you’ll find Chinese symbols, Ninja Weapons, Bloody Footprints and more. Many of the symbols are animated by the success of a winning combination. The Wild symbol is Elektra and will make you complete all combinations by replacing each other symbol. The animation that sees her use the blade to cut symbols is incredible.


With 3 Elektra you will enter the bonus game and it is probably one of the best features of this slot. It’s a first-person game, you’ll be attacked by ninjas and you’ll have to stop them with your ninja wine stars unless you’ve hit or missed 5 and at that time you will receive the bonus payment. Nothing could be simpler. Bets on the Elektra slot can be as high as 5 euros and can pay up to 5,000 tokens to reach a maximum prize total of 25,000 euros. You’ll never have to forget that as in all other Marvel games you’ll have progressive jackpots in this one, so keep an eye on the totals of these jackpots even when you’re playing Elektra.