Fruits ‘n Sevens Slot Machine: Free game and review


Description and idea of the gameFruits ‘n Sevens Slot Machine

The Fruits ‘n Sevens slot machine offers you 5 reels to be able to complete the best winning combinations and 5 paylines to increase your chances of winning big prizes. A game that can be considered traditional or perhaps classic since fruit-themed slots are among the first to be introduced into the live gaming market and then into the online slot market. The maximum jackpot that is offered by this slot is 4,000 euros and we are faced with a simple, fast and dynamic game suitable for all pockets.


Many players are still looking for a slot that has the classic symbols of the slot machines of the past. In a world like the current one where online slots are born every single day sometimes it is good to keep your feet firmly planted in tradition and the Fruits ‘n Sevens allows you to take a leap into the past among the symbols that we have all loved and that we continue to love. Cherries, lemons, grapes and all the symbols of tradition await you on the reels of the Fruits ‘n Sevens slot machine. A perfect way to have fun with your best friends or just to pass the time when you are alone trying to win big prizes with a very simple slot.


With 5 reels and 5 paylines the chances of winning are manifold although not as endless as with the latest and most modern slots. The maximum jackpot you can get with the Fruits ‘n Sevens slot machine is 200 tokens this gives you the chance to win a maximum of 4,000 euros. The slot doesn’t offer Wild symbols, let alone Scatter symbols, and for next-generation players this might seem a little strange. There are no multipliers, let alone free spin. The minimum bet is 4o cents, while the maximum can be as high as 100 euros. The Fruits ‘n Sevens slot machine doesn’t offer bonus games, but that won’t stop you from fully enjoying the offer you’re made from a game that will take you back a bit in time with your classic rollers. Sometimes it takes a bit of peace of mind between the other and thanks to Fruits ‘n Sevens this can happen when you want.